Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Projects of the programme Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship

Projects selected through the Call for proposals

Outcome I.1: Improved institutional cooperation at all levels of education (formal and informal)

Output I.1.1-2: New teaching and learning practices for work and life developed and knowledge and good practices shared on advancing skills and competencies in education

Outcome I.2: Education and social environment to support disadvantaged groups improved

Output I.2.1: Support services for the NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training) established

Output I.2.2: Support to youth provided

Output I.2.3: Support environment for precarious workers provided

There are no projects.

Outcome I.3: Improved work-life balance

Output I.3.1: Local systems that support work-life balance established

Output I.3.2: Organizational culture of work-life balance and gender equality generated

Pre-defined projects

Outcome: Improved skills and competencies of staff and students involved in blended learning

Output: New or improved cooperation models piloted for child victim services and awareness raising activities carried out

Outcome: Improved skills for good governance and cooperation in the provision of child victim services

Output: Teaching and learning practices in blended learning improved and knowledge and best practices shared with donor states institutions

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