Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
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A Step Forward for Youth in Less Dynamic Environments (NEKSTEP)

Programme area:

Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship


Education and social environment to support disadvantaged groups improved


Support to youth provided

Project title:

A Step Forward for Youth in Less Dynamic Environments

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Adult Education Centre Koper

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Adult Education Centre Sežana
Partner 2: Središče Rotunda, Social Centre in the Littoral Region, Koper, so. e.
Partner 3: International Development Norway (NOR)

Start of the project:


End of the project:


Co-financing source:

Norway Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution

Total eligible project expenditure (EUR):


Project grant (EUR):


Main project results:

Developing support activities for young people experiencing the transition from education to employment to encourage them to think about careers and networking in the environment; acquainting young people with the changes they should expect after finishing schooling, presenting opportunities in the environment and equipping young people with competences for a confident transition; connecting young people with the local environment and familiarizing the environment with the specifics of youth employment; equipping counselors working with young people with competences to be able to offer quality support; facilitating access to activities, events and useful content for young people; upgrading existing activities with content, new target groups; developing a new service (karierijada).

Project summary:

With the exception of the catering and tourism industries, the Coastal-Karst region offers few employment opportunities. The region is thus less dynamic and diverse as regards employment. In addition, the region offers few opportunities for young people to gain education and experience relevant to employment. There are fewer providers of services aimed at young people, and the local environment is poorly connected with young people. The project targets young people in less dynamic environments. Young people who finish schooling and want to get a job often lack the knowledge on how to approach the matter. Even those who have their own entrepreneurial idea are poorly equipped with appropriate skills. Although young people are good at using digital devices, they may have difficulty in finding reliable sources of information and making sound judgments about the content. Specific groups of young people have additional problems when entering the labour market, e.g. young immigrants who had a regulated residence status in Slovenia during their schooling as minors. The main goal of the project is to make the transition to employment easier for young people and to help them successfully complete this transition. Thanks to the project, young people get the chance to connect with the local environment, new and improved services are developed, and training for professionals working with young people is carried out. The project thus contributes to the improvement of education and a more encouraging social environment aimed at supporting disadvantaged groups.

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