Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

For Project Promoters

Tasks and responsibilities of the Project Promoter

The Project Promoter is responsible for the overall management, coordination and implementation of the project. The Project Promoter is the beneficiary of the grant and assumes sole financial and legal responsibility for the project and project partners.

Tasks and responsibilities of the Project Promoter are mainily to:
– ensure that the project contributes to the overall objectives of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014–2021 and the objectives, otucome and output of the programme;
– ensure quality implementation of the project, reporting on the project’s progress and achieving the expected effects and results of the project in accordance with the last valid application form and the Guide for Beneficiaries within the stipulated deadlines;
– provide a system for recording and storing separate accounting records in computerized form and collecting data necessary for financial management, reporting, monitoring, verification, audits and evaluation;
– represent project partners vis-à-vis the Programme Operator and other bodies;
– convey all important information and instructions of the Programme Operator to the project partners;
– provide project partners with access to all available documents, data and information useful for them to fulfil their obligations;
– promptly inform project partners of all circumstances that may have a negative impact on the correct and timely implementation of the project and of any event that could lead to a temporary or final discontinuation or any other deviation of the project;
– prepare and submit Partner Reports for the Donor Project Partner(s) in the eMS;
– prepare and submit the Joint Project Reports and the Final Project Report in the eMS;
– issue claims for reimbursement as e-invoice submitted to the financial service of the Programme Operator;
– transfer appropriate amounts of funds to the transaction accounts of project partners within 5 days of receipt of the grant by the Programme Operator and inform the Programme Operator about these transfers;
– monitor the progress of the project’s implementation, its outputs and outcomes, including the activities of project partners and their outcomes;
– provide all required information and documents to the Programme Operator and other bodies;
– record the progress of the project’s activities, the appropriateness of the use of allocated funds by project partners, the payments received from the Programme Operator and the payments to project partners;
– ensure that the project and eligible expenditure shall not be awarded other public or private funding (duplication of funding) or be subject to double reporting;
– strive to prevent irregularities, detect irregularities, report them and eliminate them throughout the project’s implementation, including the implementation of any appropriate financial corrections;
– immediately notify the Programme Operator of any changes.

Guildelines for project implementation

Guildelines for project implementation in the form of a Guide for Beneficiaries in several parts are available under Documents – Guidelines. The latest valid version must be taken into account. Both the Project Promoter and the project partners must be familiar with the contents of the Guide for Beneficiaries.

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