Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
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Creative Work-life Balance (BalanCed)

Programme area:

Work-life Balance


Improved work-life balance


Local systems that support work-life balance established

Project title:

Creative Work-life Balance

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Centre for the Communication, the Hearing and the Speech Portorož

Project Partners:

Partner 1: NO PROBLEM ZONE, Institute for lifelong learning, creativity and well being
Partner 2: NOMED, Institute for Independent Media Activity, Koper
Partner 3: Association for Culture and Education PiNA
Partner 4: Culture Break Borders (NOR)

Start of the project:


End of the project:


Co-financing source:

Norway Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution

Total eligible project expenditure (EUR):


Project grant (EUR):


Main project results:

Establishment of a Creative Center responsible for development and implementation of three programmes fostering work-life balance; evaluation of the impact of the Creative Center on reducing the conflict between professional and personal life; enhancement of work-family enrichment.

Project summary:

The project introduces an innovative and integrated service to the local community – its aim is to strengthen and enrich human resources through art. In supporting individuals to balance their professional and personal lives, it focuses on strengthening internal factors, such as coping skills, efficiency, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. An empowered individual manages his or her life more efficiently and knows how to take advantage of a company’s external measures to achieve the reconciliation of life spheres, which is successfully supported in Slovenia by the Family-Friendly Company Certificate project. The specific goals of the project are to establish a Creative Center that would work as support environment for employees, to provide quality care for minors by teaching them about sustainability topics, and to provide support to employees, employers and mentors in work organizations. Local environment lacks measures that help strengthen abovementioned internal factors, which also involves prevention in the field of mental health. Mental health, which underlies health and well-being in general, importantly shapes social and economic stability, social well-being and has a significant impact on the quality of life. In local environment, care for quality free time is supported by the sports infrastructure, while creative activities and dealing with art, which are known for beneficial effects in terms of improving life management competences and balancing the spheres of life, are neglected. The effect of work-family enrichment, which enhances human capital in organizations, has also been widely acknowledged. Creativity competence is recognized as the key future competence. The project takes a holistic approach to tackling the challenges, supports the establishment of a Creative Center, fosters sustainability through equipping the center with repurposed furniture, enables participants to engage in creative activities and handicrafts, and teaches about reuse based on knowledge about the positive impact of art on mental health. The project also aims to establish a network of organizations to support employees; organize care for children offering them topics that strengthen their competences and raise them to be eco-friendly individuals; develop a programme for strengthening competences in work organizations and train mentors for continuing the practice even after the end of the project.

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