Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
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Development of Innovative Support Environment »Career Center Posavje« in the Posavje Region (Career Center Posavje)

Programme area:

Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship


Education and social environment to support disadvantaged groups improved


Support to youth provided

Project title:

Development of Innovative Support Environment »Career Center Posavje« in the Posavje Region

Project acronym:

Career Center Posavje

Project Promoter:

Regional Development Agency Posavje

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Center for Youth and Sport Krško
Partner 2: Institute of Adult Education Krško
Partner 3: Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Krško
Partner 4: Municipality of Krško
Partner 5: Collective Innovation AS (NOR)

Start of the project:


End of the project:


Co-financing source:

Norway Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution

Total eligible project expenditure (EUR):


Project grant (EUR):


Main project results:

Creation of a knowledge and information base, training of consultants for better content delivery, and improved offer of services for young people.

Project summary:

The Posavje (Lower Sava) region is experiencing a high level of labour migration and emigration of young people due to employment reasons (young people do not return to the region after completing education), mismatch between structural supply and demand for jobs, and lack of information about region’s workforce needs and about opportunities to connect with region’s employers. The project tackles the identified challenges through overall improvement of support environment to support gaining of skills and competences and provision of information about job opportunities and the labour market. The project takes an innovative approach to promoting employment of young people in the less developed region of Posavje (Lower Sava) and gaining of competences for a better employability. It involves creation of a region’s dynamic and digitally supported support environment that brings together young people, employers as well as local youth and educational organizations. The goal of the project is to establish support environment to increase the employment potential of young people in the Posavje (Lower Sava) region by establishing digital communication channels, training counselors to work with young people, carrying out activities for young people and establishing a network of support organizations. An important part of achieving the long-term goals of the project is comprehensive training of youth counselors to work with young people in this field.

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