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Project SALOMON – Research on travel habits in the Novo mesto General Hospital reveals the need for customized solutions

9 November 2023 – As part of the SALOMON project, supported by the EEA Financial Mechanism, Novo mesto General Hospital and its partners are working on a Sustainable Mobility Plan. A survey on the travel habits of employees, patients and visitors was carried out by the project partner NORD University and revealed key findings on travel patterns.

The key findings of the survey conducted show that few visitors and employees use sustainable modes of transport. They do not use public transport and cycling due to various factors that prevent them from accessing Novo mesto Hospital. These are mainly poor public transport connections and unorganized cycling or walking routes.

Avtomobili na parkirišču pred bolnišnico.
© project Salomon

Psychological factors in the choice of means of transport were also found to be important. Although respondents have a positive attitude towards sustainable forms of mobility, they still prefer less environmentally friendly means of mobility. The study concludes that sustainable mobility poses risks to people in terms of time spent on sustainable mobility (delays and frequency of public transport), safety (cycling on unregulated routes) and health problems, which make it impossible for patients to walk or cycle.

Respondents reported that 65% drive to hospital. The latter is slightly more used by employees than by patients or visitors who use public transport or walking as an alternative to private cars to get to the hospital. Thus, the project promoter concludes that there is an urgent need to find customized sustainable mobility solutions around the hospital that will help to reduce the carbon footprint and create a sustainable, healthy, inclusive and accessible environment.

Letak za spodbujanje trajnostne mobilnosti
© project Salomon

In the search for solutions

The Salomon project has already developed solutions to increase sustainable mobility. In spring 2023, a GoNM bike rental station was set up around the hospital to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transport. They have also installed 6 electric vehicle charging stations in the employee car park, which are available to employees using electric vehicles.

This will be followed by a Mobility Plan for the Novo Mesto General Hospital, which will aim to encourage the use of sustainable mobility. It also aims to change the travel habits of all users and employees of the hospital.

The Salomon project involves the Novo mesto Development Centre as the project promoter and the Novo mesto General Hospital and NORD University from Norway as project partners.


Sourse: SB NM

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