Norway Grants and EEA Grants 2014–2021
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General Hospital Novo mesto Mobility Plan (SALOMON)

Programme area:

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


Enhanced sustainable mobility management


Plans for sustainable mobility management at high-volume traffic locations developed

Project title:

General Hospital Novo mesto Mobility Plan

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Development Centre Novo mesto, Ltd

Project Partners:

Partner 1: General Hospital Novo mesto
Partner 2: Nord University (NOR)

Start of the project:


End of the project:


Co-financing source:

EEA Grants and corresponding Slovenian contribution

Total eligible project expenditure (EUR):


Project grant (EUR):


Main project results:

Improved sustainable mobility management at the General Hospital Novo mesto on the basis of a developed mobility management plan that builds on identifying the factors related to behaviour patterns that affect the choice of transport means by key actors; increased number of the General Hospital Novo mesto stakeholders accessing the location by using sustainable transportation; implementation of measures listed in the mobility plan for the General Hospital Novo mesto (GoNM bicycle rental system at the hospital location, three charging stations for electric vehicles for hospital staff, IT tool for displaying and monitoring the travel habits of target groups); improved effectiveness of information activities and increased awareness among staff and patients about convenient and easy alternatives to sustainable mobility by using appropriate information channels and IT tools.

Project summary:

The European Union healthcare sector accounts for around 12% of the global healthcare climate footprint and 10% of the total public sector emissions, of which 25% comes from transportation. According to the Health Care Climate Footprint Report 2019, Slovenia produces 450kg of health sector emissions per capita. The General Hospital Novo mesto is the second largest regional hospital in Slovenia, covering the needs of approximately 160,000 residents in the South-East Slovenia. Around 20,000 patients are treated at the hospital yearly, while around 170,000 examinations of patients are performed on average in the specialist outpatient clinics. Most of the hospital stakeholders (patients, visitors, staff, logistics) predominantly use motorized vehicles to access the hospital, putting high pressure on the local urban infrastructure, which results in congestions, accidents, and environmental degradation. Hence, as a major employer with 1,200 employees and countless patients and visitors on approximately 30,000 square meters, the General Hospital Novo mesto needs tailored mobility solutions to reduce the carbon footprint and create a sustainable, healthy, and accessible environment. The main goal of the project is to support climate change mitigation and reduce vulnerability to this change by developing a plan for sustainable mobility management of the high-volume traffic location of the General Hospital Novo mesto. The project supports the transition of the hospital’s main stakeholders to sustainable mobility modes through better knowledge and change of travel habits for improved environmental quality and stakeholders’ health and well-being.

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