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Project Academy for Combined Learning: Connecting, Innovation, and Digitalization in Slovenian Education

11 October 2023 – The Academy for Combined Learning, aimed at creating a digital learning environment in Slovenia, is running at full steam. By bringing together different levels of professional education and business, supported by international cooperation, this project is making a significant contribution to the digitalisation of education. Furthermore, it promotes the development of innovative practices and strengthens competencies in the education sector.

The development of the “Combined Learning Model for Vocational Education in the Field of Mechanical Engineering and Development of Competencies of Students and Teachers for Digital Education” runs from 1 June 2022 to 30 April 2024.

Within the framework of the project Academy for Combined Learning, training sessions for multipliers have already taken place. These sessions are intended to promote the dissemination and use of interactive learning materials in the blended learning model for the mechanical engineering programme. Twenty teachers participated in the event and expressed their satisfaction with the presented materials. Project partners also received valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. This has contributed to the willingness of most participants to continue their involvement.

More than 60 representatives from different companies participated in focus groups asking employers what skills they expect from their students and, of course, their employees. All the information is welcome for the development of the blended learning model and the development of the learning materials.

A study visit to Oslo was also carried out, where useful information and guidance was obtained from the partners for the development of a quality learning model for digital teaching and learning.

Group picture of study visit participants
Study visit to Norway. © Academy for Combined Learning

People gathered around a table of tables, the lecturer standing in front of a screen.
Avisit to the Norwegian project partner. © Academy for Combined Learning

In October and November 2023, the materials developed so far are being presented in various school centers across Slovenia, specifically those where the mechanical engineering programme is offered. Teachers from all over Slovenia are invited to attend these presentations, and the materials will be further improved based on their feedback. After the project is completed, the materials will be freely accessible.

Closing the “digital divide”

An important focus of the project is on closing the “digital divide” in education. Although digital transformation is often considered a solution to modern educational challenges, its effectiveness needs to be assessed in comparison to traditional teaching methods.

Teachers face challenges such as a lack of digital competencies, inadequate teaching models, and rapidly changing environments. The project addresses these challenges by connecting teachers with various stakeholders and by developing new, adaptable teaching models.

The project focuses on six main activities:

  1. Development of interactive learning content and a digital learning environment.
  2. Connecting teachers with stakeholders within and outside the educational system.
  3. Knowledge and best practices exchange in the field of education.
  4. Establishment of a network of institutional partners.
  5. Training teachers to acquire digital competencies.
  6. Pilot implementation of the model.
Workshop with machines.
An example of good practice on how learning works in Norway© Academy for Combined Learning

The Academy for Combined Learning project, implemented under the programme Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship, is supported by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. It involves the Rokus Klett Publishing House as the project promoter and project partners Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institute for Business Education, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, School Centre Novo mesto, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and G yldendal Norsk Forlag AS from Norway. For more information about the project, please also visit the project website:

Presentation Academy for Combined Learning project.

Author: Nives Šircelj, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia – Institut for Business Education

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