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European Mobility Week 2022

16 to 22 September 2022 – European Mobility Week aims to reduce fossil fuel car traffic and encourages residents to use sustainable mobility – walking, cycling or public transport.

This year it is held under the slogan: Sustainably connected. That is why this year the initiative draws attention to the importance of well-connected communities, as they present a condition for the success of any municipality and for a high level of quality of our stay in it.

The quality of life in a municipality is thus increasingly determined by good accessibility to goods and services, guaranteed mobility for all social groups, good connections and a variety of alternatives to personal motorized transport.

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Within the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation programme sustainable mobility is also being emphasized. Projects ReMOBIL, SmartMOVE, SALOMON and Predjama sustainable each in their own way address and solve the challenges of sustainable mobility management and increase awareness of the general public about its the importance.

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