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International conference of the ZAGON project “Small Steps for Nature – A view towards the future of the community”

15 November 2023 – The EEA-funded ZAGON project focuses on improving the management of ecosystems under pressure from climate change. As part of the project, an international conference was organised in Grosuplje: Small steps for nature – A view towards the community.

The international conference was also attended by distinguished guests who highlighted the importance of the work of projects such as Zagon. The Mayor of the Municipality of Grosuplje, who gave the opening address, stressed the need to preserve the local natural heritage, while the State Secretary at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, Mag. Marko Koprivc, emphasized the importance of biodiversity. The latter particularly pointed out that biodiversity significantly contributes to the preservation of human lives, the environment, and the climate. He also referred to Nature 2000 and called for nature to be protected as much as possible.

Človek za govorniškim odrom nagovarja občinstvo
© Municipality of Grosuplje

The guest of honour, Ms. Trine Skymoen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Slovenia, focused her speech on Norway’s work to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, stressing the importance of local communities working to protect nature and highlighting the Zagon project as an example of good practice in this field.

The conference was also attended by Dr Nika Krajnc, Director of the Slovenian Forestry Institute, Gašper Kleč, Director of the Sora Development Agency, Miha Simončič, Head of the Spatial Planning Office of the Municipality of Grosuplje and Gregor Danev, Director of the Slovenian Forest Service. Mag. Teo Hrvoje Oršanič, Director of the Slovenian Nature Conservation Institute spoke on climate change in the light of Nature 2000, on the threats to nature conservation objectives and on the vision of development.

In addition to the Zagon project, the JeloviZA and ReNature projects, also funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism, were part of the discussion.

Močvirje in merilec vode
© Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

In the final part of the conference, the participants highlighted the importance of preserving natural wetlands for ecosystems, which should be taken into account in spatial planning and financial incentives. They agreed that a broader community of diverse stakeholders can be helpful in this regard, as different perspectives lead to the best solutions. They concluded with a message of learning and passing on knowledge and awareness of the importance of eco-systems for all present and future generations.

The project Zagon involves the project promoter, the Municipality of Grosuplje, with project partners the Institute for Tourism and Promotion – Tourism Grosuplje, Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, The Slovenia Forest Service,  The Slovenian Forestry Institute and University College for Green Development (NOR).


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