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Thematic conference of the Green Penguin project

20 March 2024 – Last week, the Green Penguin project hosted a thematic conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference, organised by Iskraemeco as a project promoter and project partners Municipality of Kranj, Municipality of Ljubljana, DOVES – FEE Slovenia and FEE Norway, impressed participants with its innovative approaches to experiential learning.

The project’s main result is the Green Penguin platform which offers a wide range of interactive learning materials that introduce students to topics such as climate change, energy saving and sustainable lifestyles in a fun and engaging way. Representatives from Hinko Smrekar Elementary School and Jože Moškrič Elementary School shared their experiences with using the Green Penguin platform. Students are excited about the interactive learning approach and happy to participate in various activities, such as quizzes, creating board games from recycled materials, and a clothing exchange. During the conference, teachers praised the platform as it allows them to integrate digital technologies into teaching in an innovative way and encourages students to become active citizens.

The speaker holds the microphone and speaks to the crowd. In the background, the screen displays a sign that reads Green Penguin at Hinko Smrekar Elementary School.
© Project Green Penguin

To conclude, a representative from the Municipality of Ljubljana presented the project Ljubljana on the path to carbon neutrality. She emphasised the importance of cooperation at the city, state, and individual levels, as well as the inclusion and awareness of sustainable practices.

The technical equipment for the conference is set up in the back of the room, with the speaker sitting in a chair next to it, speaking into a microphone. In the foreground, participants are watching the screen.
© Project Green Penguin

The Green Penguin conference confirmed that the Green Penguin platform is a valuable tool for experiential learning about sustainability. Participants were impressed by the innovative approaches and expressed their belief that the platform can significantly contribute to educating young people for a better future.

The project is co-financed by the Norway Grants and the corresponding Slovenian contribution under the programme Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship.


Source: Iskraemeco

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