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The Youth and Employers United at the Panel Discussion »Career Synergy«

23 April 2024 – The Career Centre Posavje project, co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, is carrying out several activities, one of which is the panel discussion entitled “Career Synergy”, where representatives of the Youth and employers came together to discuss career opportunities in Posavje.

The conference brought together the key players in the local area for career guidance of young people (economy, youth, education). The opening speech was given by the Director of the Regional Development Agency Posavje, Nataša Šerbec. The project and its achievements presented the Coordinator of the project Career Centre Posavje, Simona Hostar.

The panel discussion was attended by Nataša Unetič Tomše, Director of Kemokovina, d. o. o., Doroteja Volovec, Director of the company LUMIA, d. o. o., and the Employment Centre Lumis, Tina Živič, representative of the “Klub posavskih študentov”, Ana Kramperšek, Career Counsellor at the Institute of Adult Education Krško, Simona Hostar, Project Coordinator of the Career Centre Posavje, Regional Development Agency Posavje, and Andraž Dostal, freelancer and youth representative.

The event was moderated by Janja Starc, Director of the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Krško.

The audience sits and looks at the screen.
© Career Centre Posavje

The importance of micro and small enterprises at a local level

Nataša Unetič Tomše, Director of Kemokovina, d. o. o., highlighted the role of micro and small enterprises. “An event like this today from the perspective of micro and small enterprises is very appreciated, because it is difficult in general for these companies to present their activities in a different way to a broader public,” she underlined.

Career opportunities in local businesses

Janja Starc, Director of the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Krško, explained the objectives of the conference and emphasised that “the purpose of today’s conference was to bring employers and educational institutions as well as the local community closer to the need to discuss the career future of young people“.

Participants expressed their hope for future initiatives. “I definitely welcome projects like this, and I hope that in the future there will be good cooperation in this field, more broad cooperation, and that we will be involved in this segment,” added Nataša Unetič Tomše.

Tina Živič from the “Klub posavskih študentov” emphasised the importance of the event for establishing contact between young individuals and employers, which is crucial for the successful integration of the youth in the labour market. “The most positive thing for me is that we met young people and the older generation representing employers, because I think this is what we are missing the most, i.e., contact between education and employers, especially in the local environment,” she explained.

The audience sits and watches the panellists.
© Career Centre Posavje

Career synergy as a bridge between education and industry

Janja Starc, Director of the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Krško, underlined at the conference that it is essential to bring the youth closer to various career opportunities, not only in large companies, but also in smaller local companies. The purpose of this event was also to give employers the opportunity to present what they can offer to young individuals.

Participants of the conference expressed their hope that cooperation between educational institutions and industry will continue to develop and that such projects will continue to bring together different sectors to better understand and utilise local potentials. The discussion at the conference was, according to the participants, fruitful and promising for the future.

The project partnership involves the Regional Development Agency Posavje (as project promoter), the Municipality of Krško, the Centre for Youth and Sport Krško, the Institute of Adult Education Krško, the Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business Krško and the Norwegian partner Collective Innovation AS.

SOURCE: Career Centre Posavje

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