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The carbon footprint of one car is twice as large as that of a full bus

7 July 2023 – When visiting Predjama, you can contribute to a reduced carbon footprint by using new shuttle bus connections introduced by the Municipality of Postojna. These efforts aim to promote sustainable mobility and improve accessibility to tourist attractions within the municipality. The new bus connections have been established as part of the Predjama Sustainable project, supported by the EEA Grants.

The primary goal of these new bus connections is to reduce the volume of motorized traffic that typically surges towards the popular destination of Predjama during holiday periods. Public transportation is one of the five pillars of sustainable mobility outlined in the Mobility Plan for Predjama, which was developed within the framework of the project “Sustainable Mobility Management at the Tourist Location Predjama – Predjama Sustainable.” The project involves collaboration between the Municipality of Postojna as the project promoter and project partners Postojnska jama, the Institute for Spatial Policies, and the Municipality of Strand from Norway.

The Predjama Sustainable project seeks to address the challenges posed by heavy traffic loads due to the numerous tourists visiting Predjama Castle, thereby reducing unsustainable forms of mobility on the way to and within the village of Predjama. This approach aligns with the overall trends in Slovenian tourism towards sustainability, responsibility, inclusivity, and resilience. The project’s main objective is to influence people’s mobility habits through the development of a mobility plan and the pilot implementation of key measures, ultimately contributing to climate change mitigation. By the project’s conclusion, the proportion of sustainable mobility modes is expected to increase by at least 5 percentage points.

Predjama Mobility Plan

The implementation of the Mobility Plan is based on the strategic directions outlined in the Comprehensive Traffic Strategy of the Municipality of Postojna and the Tourism Development Strategy of the Municipality of Postojna 2018–2023. In the action plan, we have defined solutions that are feasible and effective in Postojna and Predjama. Key to improving location accessibility and the tourist experience is reducing the share of motorized traffic and enhancing sustainable modes of travel. The measures encompass the organization of operations, promotion, infrastructure optimization, and the introduction of new services.

The action plan was developed through intensive collaboration among all stakeholders, including local authorities, the tourism destination manager, mobility service providers, the tourism sector, and both organized and general local communities. Their involvement ensures the feasibility and effectiveness of the measures. The measures range from short-term to long-term, meaning that traffic management experiences will continue to evolve from year to year. The effects will enhance the visitor experience, simplify residents’ daily lives, and provide a solid foundation for mutual cooperation among local stakeholders.

In addition to project partners, the preparation of the mobility plan actively involved the Local Community of Bukovje, interested residents of Predjama and Bukovje and surrounding villages, local associations (Kašča, Pudgura, Bike Slovenia), Zavod Znanje Postojna (Visit Postojna), and the Regional Development Agency Zeleni kras.

Introduction of Three Bus (Shuttle) Lines

The Municipality of Postojna has introduced red, blue, and green bus routes. The red route, connecting Predjama and Planina, operates during the summer tourist season, from July 1 to August 31, running on the route Planina – Postojna Railway Station – Postojnska jama – Predjama. The blue route, during the peak tourist season (July 8 to September 3), connects Postojnska jama and Predjama. The green route, linking the railway station and Predjama, will remain active until April 30, 2024, specifically during periods of increased tourist visits, holidays, and special occasions.

The timetables for the three shuttle bus lines can be found here (in Slovenian).
Shuttle Bus Brochure (in Slovenian).

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