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Promoting alternative ways of commuting to work

5 September 2023 – As part of the autumn edition of the campaign aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, partners of Trata 2.1 project encourage employees to leave their cars at home and commute to work in sustainable ways, i.e. by walking, cycling, using (e-)scooters, rollerblading, travelling by bus or by train or carpooling.  

Carried out between 28 August and 1 October as part of Trata 2.1 project, the campaign targets the companies Knauf Insulation d.o.o., LTH Castings d.o.o. and SIBO G. d.o.o. that are project partners, the Municipality of Škofja Loka, the Administrative Unit of Škofja Loka, the Development Agency Sora (project partner), municipal inspection services and municipal warden services. The aim is to instill positive change through setting a positive example. The employees that will take part in the campaign and commute to work in an environment-friendly way will participate in a promotional prize draw sponsored by the project.

In this way, the partners of the Trata 2.1 project contribute to the nation-wide initiative Bike to Work that aims to foster cycling as a way of getting to work. The initiative will be relaunched in the fall by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, IPoP – Institute for Spatial Policies (project partner), Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and D’Agency digital agency. They are not focused just on cycling, though, they foster (and reward) other forms of sustainable mobility too.

Trata 2.1 Sustainable Mobility Club on Strava app

Strava, the leading platform for movement, is used by enthusiasts and athletes around the world to track, analyze or compare their performance and progress in sports activities. As daily cycling, walking, rollerblading or riding (e-)scooters to get to work has many health benefits, project partners decided to build a community and form »Trata 2.1 Club« on the Strava app. They invited all employees working in the industrial zone Trata to join their community and track how many employees commute to work in a sustainable manner. In order to distinguish between the daily sports activities and commuting, they added the hashtag “Commute Marker“ that will track active commuting to work and back home.

Good practices in sustainable mobility collected and published

One of the deliverables of the project is the publication Good practices in rolling out sustainable mobility in companies and institutions. The publication presents and describes 14 good practices in sustainable commuting that are already up and running abroad. Concrete practices that work well and help companies, organisations, institutes, local and national authorities in Voralrberg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland reduce carbon footprint are set to be replicated in Slovenia. The document outlines the range of options and routes decision makers and policy makers can use to support and encourage employees to use sustainable commuting options, such as walking, cycling, using public transport or carpooling.

Trata 2.1, industrial zone for the 21st century brings together Municipality of Škofja Loka as lead partner and several project partners: Development Agency Sora, IPoP – Institute for Spatial Policies, CIPRA Slovenia, CIPRA Internatioonal and companies Knauf Insulation d.o.o., LTH Castings d.o.o., SIBO G. d.o.o. For more information about the project, please see their new newsletter.

Source: Development Agency Sora

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