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Projects of the Active Citizens Fund

Strong civil society is a fundamental building block in a vibrant, well-functioning democracy. Non-governmental organisations play a vital role in promoting democratic values and human rights, as well as fostering civic participation. According to an agreement between Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the EU,  10% of the EEA Grants are allocated to civil society through the Active Citizens Fund. Slovenia is one of 15 beneficiary EU member states of Active Citizens Fund financial assistance donated by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

About the Active Citizens Fund

Overall objective of the Active Citizens Fund (ACF) is to strengthen civil society, promote active citizenship and empower vulnerable groups. In the period of 2014–2021 special emphasis of the ACF is put on long-term sustainable development and capacity building of NGO sector. Enabling that, ACF programme aims at strengthening the role of NGOs in promotion of democratic governance of the country, inclusion of public in decision-making processes on national and local level, and strengthening human rights. An important priority of the programme is also strengthening cooperation between Slovenian civil society organisations and organisations from donor countries –  Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Key priority areas of the Fund are:

  • Democracy, active citizenship, good governance and transparency;
  • Human rights and equal treatment through combating discrimination based on race or ethnicity, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity;
  • Social justice and inclusion of vulnerable groups;
  • Gender equality and fighting gender-based violence;
  • Environment and climate change.

Goals of the Fund are:

  • Strengthened advocacy and watchdog role of NGOs;
  • Increased support for civic education and human rights;
  • Empowerment of vulnerable groups;
  • Sustainable development and capacity building of non-governmental organisations;
  • Strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Slovenian civil society organisations and organisations from donor countries;
  • Strengthening regional (cross-border) cooperation among civil society organisations.

Active Citizens Fund 2014–2021 in Slovenia is managed by CNVOS – Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs, in consortium with Institute PIP – Legal and Information Centre Maribor, and Society for the Advancement of Voluntary Work Novo mesto – DRPD Novo mesto.

Active Citizens Fund projects

During 2019 and 2023, Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia will allocate 2,5 million euros in four open calls for projects of NGOs in Slovenia:

  • Medium and large projects (EUR 1,530,000): Financial support of the call for medium and large projects is aimed at medium (up to 60.000 euro) and large (up to 120.000 euro) projects in the four key programme fields – democracy, human rights including gender equality, social justice and climate change. 11 medium and 8 large project were selected (the list is available here).
  • Micro or »rapid response« projects (EUR 100,568.85): This call is intended for NGOs in need of »rapid funding« (up to 5.000 euros) for advocacy, legal, communication or other actions that have to be implemented immediately. 20 projects were selected (the list is available here).
  • Institutional support (EUR 450,000): This call is addressing strategic development of NGOs. Organisations will be able to receive financial support for implementation of their strategic plans, while at the same time building capacity and developing even better programmes with the support of mentors. 5 organizations were selected (the list is available here).
  • Small projects: Financial support (up to 20.000 euro per project) of this call is aimed only at project proposals of organisations with less than 50.000-euro annual turnover, addressing at least one of the programme priority fields: democracy, human rights including gender equality, social justice and climate change. XX small projects were selected (the list is available here).

More about supported projects divided into four areas (strengthening civil society watchdog/ advocacy role; increasing support for civic education and human rights; empowering vulnerable groups; enhancing capacity and sustainability of CSOs) is available here.

Follow Facebook and Instagram profiles for presentations of selected projects in the coming weeks.

Bilateral cooperation

One of the most important priorities of the fund is also strengthening bilateral cooperation between organisations from Slovenia and partners from the donor countries – Island, Lichtenstein and Norway.

For this purpose, fund will allocate 40.000 euros. Part of these means will be available through special call for implementation of additional activities of those projects that will include a bilateral partner.

Source: Active Citizens Fund

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