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Opening of two outdoor classrooms within the SCHOOL21 project

25 April 2024 – Two schools in Kranj are enriched by outdoor classrooms. Their installation was made possible within the project SCHOOL21 – Let’s go out! (SCHOOL21), which is co-financed by the Norway Grants under the programme Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeship and Youth Entrepreneurship.

At the opening of the outdoor classroom at the France Prešeren Gymnasium, the participants were addressed by Ms. Mirjam Bizjak, the Headmistress. She stressed the importance of the outdoor classroom for the school space and especially for the students. “Students, don’t learn just for grades and points, learn for yourself, for life,” she added.

ravnateljica govori na zelenici pred gimnazijo© MKRR

The opening ceremony and the cultural programme were organised by the students. Their speeches showed a great desire for freedom, which will be further facilitated by the new outdoor classroom. They will be able to taste freedom all the way to the sky, right up to the Sun and the stars.

teleskop in plakat projekta v ozadju


lesene klopi, v ozadju dva teleskopa in plakat


A few days earlier, the outdoor classroom was opened also at the Elementary School France Prešeren. Pupils will be able to learn about different subjects, take care of plants and learn about the future in other ways.

klopi in mize, visoke grede in nadstrešek na zelenici© MKRR

By developing new teaching methods and tools, the project SCHOOL21 equips young people in formal education with the 21st century skills and knowledge needed to live and work independently, and empowers and motivates teachers to use innovative teaching methods. Participants in the project are the France Prešeren Gymnasium, acting as the project promoeter, the Slovenian project partners the Elementary School France Prešeren Kranj, SOCIALNA AKADEMIJA – Institute for Education, Research and Culture and BSC Ltd, and the Norwegian project partner Møre and Romsdal County Council.

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