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Opening of new premises of the Career centre Posavje

30 January 2024 – As part of the project Development of Innovative Support Environment (Career Centre Posavje), supported by the Norway Grants, the Municipality of Krško has acquired new premises of the Career Centre Posavje. The newly acquired premises are intended for promoting youth employment and enhancing youth competencies for better job prospects.

Vlasta Stojak, Head of Cabinet at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, during the opening speech.
© Municipality of Krško

On 30 January 2024, Nataša Šerbec, Director of the Regional Development Agency Posavje, officially opened the new premises of the Career Center Posavje. Janez Kerin, Mayor of the Municipality of Krško, and Vlasta Stojak, representative of the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, also attended the opening. The ministry representative emphasised the work of the Regional Development Agency of Posavje, especially as an excellent partner for establishing a unified and digitally supported environment for youth employment. At the opening ceremony, Slovenian project partners, as well as the Norwegian partner and other stakeholders in the region, were present.

Attendees of the opening ceremony listening..
© Municipality of Krško

The objective of the Career Centre Posavje project is to establish a digital support environment that connects young people in the region, employers, local youth, and educational organisations. This initiative aims to strengthen the employment potential of young people in the Posavje region. As part of the project, career counsellors were trained, an online platform containing information on labour market opportunities was developed, and a comprehensive database of employers and job seekers was set up.

In addition to the Regional Development Agency Posavje, the project partners include the Municipality of Krško, the Centre for Youth and Sport Krško, the Institute of Adult Education Krško, the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Krško, and Collective Innovation AS (NOR).

New premises of the Career Centre Krško.
© Municipality of Krško

Source: Municipality of Krško and Dolenjski list

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