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Press conference and final event of the Green Penguin project

10 April 2024 –  A press conference and a final event were held in the afternoon at the Kovačnica in Kranj, as part of the Green Penguin project. The project, which is co-financed by the Norway Grants, links education and environmental care in an interactive way.

At the press conference, representatives of the project promoter Iskraemeco and Slovenian project partners Municipality of Kranj, Municipality of Ljubljana and DOVES – FEE Slovenia presented the contribution to environmental protection, approaches to ensuring the sustainability of the project and the future development of the digital platform Green Penguin, which was created within the project. In addition to Slovenian project partners, the project also involves the Norwegian project partner FEE Norway.

5 oseb sedi za mizo na novinarski konferenci

At the final event, the project promoter presented the key achievements of the project, which are the result of a fruitful cooperation between the project partners and the elementary schools that participated in the piloting of the Green Penguin digital platform. The piloting phase included three elementary schools from Ljubljana (Jože Moškrič Elementary School, Hinko Smrekar Elementary School and Šmartno under Šmarna gora Elementary School), three from Kranj (France Prešeren Elementary School, Stane Žagar Elementary School and Elementary School Predoslje) and an international school from Kristiansand, Norway. Enthusiastic teachers successfully motivated pupils to actively contribute to reducing their carbon footprint and other environmental concerns.

Skupinska fotografija učencev, učiteljev in maskote zelenega pingvina

The Green Penguin digital platform was developed to support the achievement of carbon neutrality through education and citizen engagement. It is primarily aimed at teachers and pupils. The main purpose of the platform is to raise awareness among children and consequently their parents about environmental protection, understanding carbon footprint and climate change. The Green Penguin web and mobile platform encourages children to establish daily habits that help to reduce their carbon footprint, both at an individual level and at the level of the school as an institution.

This innovative idea has been recognised by both the national and international community and has already won several awards in Slovenia and abroad.

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