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CONFERENCE – GENDER EQUALITY PAYS OFF 15 – 16 January 2014, Congress Centre Brdo, Slovenia

General information

The conference Gender Equality Pays Off is a launching event of the project Towards Equalising Power Relations between Women and Men, funded under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009-2014 for Slovenia.

Objective of the project is to increase understanding of (un)equal power relations between women and men in order to identify adequate responses to gender imbalances and inequalities that persist our society, in particular in the areas of economic and political decision-making, and work-life balance.

The conference aims to discuss experiences and challenges of gender equality, in particular regarding the distribution of social power and influence between women and men. The debate will evolve around the core question on how to make better use of women’s talents and skills. The focus will be on the issues of gender balanced political and economic decision-making and the approaches to tackle austerity, while ensuring economic independence of women and thus a high standard of gender equality.

First day of the conference is organised as a plenary session with addresses, contributions and discussions by national and foreign participants. The second day is planned as parallel workshops about gender equality policy and challenges at the national and local level, and a contribution by and to the NGO sector.

Language policy

Interpretation from/to Slovenian and English will be available during the first day, 15.1.2014.


We are expecting approximately 90 participants, high-level officials from national and local administrations, politicians, representatives of trade unions, employers organisations, NGOs and academia.

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation costs for foreign participants are covered by the organiser from the project budget. Transfers from/to airport and venue will be arranged by the organiser.


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