Norveški finančni mehanizem in Finančni mehanizem EGP 2014–2021
Sodelujemo za zeleno, konkurenčno in vključujočo Evropo.

Project 3 FIT

The implementation of the project 3 FIT has also begun. The main aim of the project is to promote health among the older population in the region of Zgornja Gorenjska.  
The population is ageing – in the region of Zgornja Gorenjska people over 55, who are the project target group, represent a third of the population. Unhealthy lifestyle is the key reason for the occurrence of chronic illnesses which reduce the number of healthy years of life despite longer lifespan. The project addresses the whole spectrum of this issue as the objective of the project is to develop and implement the programme of preserving the health of the older population, namely in the forms of educational seminars, exercises and workshops, and to introduce changes into the lifestyle of the older population, i.e. changes in terms of mental, physical and psychological health. Participation of older individuals in the programme will be based on an individual approach and will thus take into account the specific needs and limitations of each individual. The programme will be implemented at seven different locations which will ensure easy access for the older population. All the municipalities, associations of retired persons, homes for the elderly and adult education organisations of the Zgornja Gorenjska region are involved in the project which means that a network will be established which will ensure efficient, professional and sustainable implementation of the programme for the preservation of health of the older population.

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