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Press conference of the StudioKroG project

29 September 2022 – Press conference of the new project Studio of the Circular Economy – StudioKroG was held in Ptuj. The project is co-financed from the Norway Grants within the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation programme.

The main goal of the project, which lasts from 01.05.2022 to 30.04.2024, is to reduce the pressure on the need for virgin materials and reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions by increasing reuse and waste design. In addition, the main goal contributes to the selected programme output “Number of implemented demonstration/pilot projects of the circular economy” by developing and establishing the first pilot 100% “reuse” facility with demonstrations of the possibility of transforming waste into products with eco-design, which contributes to the increase value of waste, reducing the consumption of virgin materials and directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The contribution will be proven with the 100% reuse facility “studio KroG” and shown examples of the possibility of reusing waste.

More about the project:

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