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Opening of the solar power plant on the roof of the P+R Sonce Parking House

29 April 2024 – As part of the SOPOREM project, which is co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism, the inauguration of the solar power plant of the Municipality of Koper took place on the roof of the P+R Sonce parking house at the beginning of the previous week.

The two-year SOPOREM project, under which the Municipality of Koper built a solar power plant with almost 500 kilowatts of power on the roof of the P+R Sonce Parking House to increase the production of electricity from renewable sources, is coming to an end.

Event venue. There is a person at a standing microphone who is giving a speech. Participants stand in the background.
© Jakob Bužan

The inauguration of the solar power plant was also attended by the State Secretary at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, mag. Marko Koprivc. In the speech he pointed out that “the SOPOREM project, by building two solar power plants, contributes to the objective of strengthening the share of electricity production from renewable sources, as it allows for a 14% increase in the current cumulative power of solar power plants in the entire Coastal-Karst region.

A man stands in front of a standing microphone and gives a speech.
© Jakob Bužan

The project partners of the project SOPOREM – the Municipality of Koper, the Port of Koper as the project promoter and the Norwegian company Greenstat ASA – have established renewable electricity generation in the Port of Koper and the Municipality of Koper through the construction of two solar power plants.

The solar power plant on the roof of the P+R Sonce Parking House, with more than a thousand modules, has an installed capacity of 459 kilowatts. The plant will generate 505 megawatt hours of electricity per year, enough to supply 50 households annually. The electricity generated will benefit several public facilities in the municipality, such as the Arena Bonifika, the swimming pool of the Koper Olympic Centre, the Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper and, finally, the municipal buildings on Verdijeva Street. In this way, the Municipality of Koper will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 186 tonnes annually.


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