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Municipality of Medvode introduces innovative measures for sustainable mobility

18 April 2024 – As part of the SmartMOVE project, Municipality of Medvode earlier this month hosted the ceremony opening of two new sustainable mobility acquisitions.

In this project, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region played a key role. Mag. Lilijana Madjar, Director of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, highlighted the importance of good cooperation at all levels for progress in development, which has a significant impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants. “Today we are witnessing the synergy effects that the grants can create in one municipality if it is development-oriented and cooperates well with the Regional Development Agency, which is a competent partner in receiving funds for financing development investments,” she pointed out.

A group photo of the keynote speakers at the event.
© SmartMOVE

E-bike rental system compatible with the Capital of Ljubljana

The introduction of a public e-bike rental system will allow citizens to travel short distances within the municipality in a sustainable way (4 stations have been set up), and to travel to the capital, as the system is compatible with the one in Ljubljana. As such, it is also a novelty in the region.

Research shows that 10% of people in our country would prefer to cycle if they had the infrastructure to do so,” explained Jadranka Plut, Head of the Financial Mechanisms Sector at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, which is why they are working to support projects that promote the development of sustainable mobility.

The venue of the ceremony opening event. The Head of the Financial Mechanisms Sector at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development delivers a speech.
© SmartMOVE

“With the e-bike rental system, we as individuals and as a community are moving closer to developed European countries where cycling will become part of everyday life and a way of life. Promoting cycling as a sustainable way of life makes an important contribution to reducing our carbon footprint,” she added.

The bikes are part of the Nomago Bikes system and can also be rented with an Urbana card. Marjan Beltram, Executive Director for Travel and Mobility at Nomago Ltd, stressed that the objective of every municipality should be sustainable connectivity with surrounding municipalities and nearby centres. “Citizens will quickly realise how efficient e-bikes are on their own journeys, as their journeys can often be even faster than by car during peak times,” he underlined.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Medvode, Nejc Smole, expressed his great satisfaction that within the SmartMOVE project Medvode, as a pilot municipality, has been given the opportunity to test the use of e-bikes to reduce motor traffic during daily migrations. He emphasised that “we have a heartfelt desire to expand the system within the municipality and to make cycling the primary flow of traffic in Medvode.” He would like to have at least twice as many stations within two years and is counting on the citizens to use the e-bikes. He would warmly welcome the establishment of a network of e-bikes in neighbouring municipalities as well and strongly believes that this will be one of the major connectivity projects in the coming years that Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region is counting on.

The Mayor of Medvode during his speech, with participants standing by the side.
© SmartMOVE

Free-of-charge bus from Medvode to Katarina

Another new acquisition is a free-of-charge bus service that will at weekends connect Medvode with the rural settlements of the Polhov Gradec Hills. The measure reduces traffic congestion in the hills, encourages the use of public transport, provides access for vulnerable groups, and promotes active leisure time in nature.

Both acquisitions represent an important contribution to multimodality and pave the way for reducing motorised traffic in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

The SmartMOVE project, co-financed by the EEA Financial Mechanism, involves the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region as the project promoter and project partners Jožef Stefan Institute, Institute for Spatial Policies, Urban Institute of Ljubljana, Association of Employers of Slovenia, GoOpti Ltd, Centre of Energy Efficiency Solutions and the Norwegian Nordland Research Institute.


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