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Pre-defined project INFO-GEOTHERMAL kicks off in Slovenia

9 September 2020 – The pre-defined project Supporting Efficient Cascade Use of Geothermal Energy by Unlocking Official and Public Information (acronym: INFO-GEOTHERMAL), which is supported by the EEA Grants under the programme Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, kicked off this September. The project is worth a total of EUR 1,073,529.41 and is implemented by the Geological Survey of Slovenia as Project Promoter and 4 other project partners. The project will last 20 months and will be completed by 30 April 2024.

The pre-defined project was proposed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, previously confirmed by the Donor States in the mid-August and included in Annex II of the Programme Agreement for the financing of the Programme Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation. The pre-defined project was positively appraised by the Programme Operator at the end of August and was kicked off on 1 September 2022. Four Slovenian institutions (Geological Survey of Slovenia, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning and Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia) and one Icelandic institution (Iceland School of Energy, Reykjavik University) cooperate in the pre-defined project.

The pre-defined project aims at innovative strengthening institutional capacities of national authorities involved in managing geothermal energy use, of local authorities who provide spatial framework for investors, and biggest players in exploration of deep geothermal potential in Slovenia. From transferring knowledge from the worldwide leading geothermal country – Iceland, joint activities will result in significantly improved formal support schemes for investments.

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