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Implementation of the 3rd phase of the StudioKroG project

17 February 2023 – Project promoter ZRS Bistra Ptuj and project partners of the project StudioKroG – Studio of the Circular Economy, which is implemented under the programme Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, held a technical workshop to showcase the third phase of the project implementation at the studioKroG location in Slovenske Konjice. The workshop was intended for a wider audience (general public, students, architects, builders, local community, SMEs, social enterprises, etc.).

As part of the activity called pilot approach to using waste – furnishing the interior of shipping containers, project partners showed how old bricks can be reused on the example of a mobile studio facility made from shipping containers. Project partner CPU (Reuse Centre) acts as a social enterprise; it carries out activities of circular use of resources and through the process of preparation for reuse redirects and repurposes waste, thereby significantly contributing to reducing consumption of new resources. The process of pilot use of old bricks for the purpose of making rustic wall cladding was shown at the workshop.

The third phase of the project will include the installation of the interior walls. The possibility of using different types of waste for entrepreneurial ideas, such as waste ceramics, glass, glass packaging, textiles, clay, wood, CDs, vinyl records, etc., will be shown at the Circular Economy studio. This phase will also include internal wall insulation through the application of waste textiles, green flooring and green (also called plant or living) walls, all delivered according to the reuse method, and installed depending on the type of waste material used. Renewable energy sources (solar energy, air-to-air heat pump) will be used as an energy source for lighting and underfloor heating (pipe system in recycled polystyrene).

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