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Cooperation agreement between the stakeholders signing ceremony

9 December 2022 – The cooperation agreement between the stakeholders for one of the largest mobility projects in Slovenia, SmartMOVE, co-financed under the programme Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, was signed by the representatives of Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RRA LUR) in the role of the project promoter, and the participating organisations University Medical Centre Ljubljana, BTC Ljubljana, IKEA Slovenia, Studio Moderna and the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park.

The ceremony took place on the premises of Urban Municipality of Ljubljana. The signing of the agreement is one of the first key steps in enhancing sustainable mobility in the Ljubljana urban region, which faces heavy traffic and negative environmental impacts.

Realising that changes should be introduced, the above mentioned organisations joined the SmartMOVE project to develop effective measures for promoting the use of sustainable modes of transportation by their employees and visitors of the Ljubljana Marshes Landscape Park, an area of particular natural interest.

One of the most important solutions tested in the frame of the SmartMOVE project is an entirely new form of a sustainable and alternative mode of transportation to work. Marko Guček, CEO of the project partner GoOpti, which developed a dynamic platform for booking transportation to work, says that if the pilot project is well received by its users, it could grow into a commercial variety and the price of using such mode of transportation could be similar to the price of using public transportation.

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