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Closing event of the project SCHOOL21

29 April 2024 – Last week, the final conference of the SCHOOL21 project took place at the Kovačnica – Business Incubator Kranj.

The SCHOOL21 project empowers young individuals within the formal education system by developing new teaching methods and tools. This initiative ensures the students acquire the essential 21st-century skills and knowledge needed for independent life and successful career. Moreover, it inspires and motivates educators to embrace innovative teaching methodologies.

The opening greetings were given by the Director of the BSC, Business Support Centre, Franja Gabrovšek Schmidt, Principal of the France Prešeren Gymnasium, Mirjam Bizjak, Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Kranj, Janez Černe, Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway, Herman Baskår, and Head of the Financial Mechanisms Sector of the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, Jadranka Plut.

A man stands on stage with a microphone in his hand.

Jadranka Plut, Head of the Financial Mechanisms Sector at the Ministry of Cohesion and Regional Development, emphasised in her speech that “rapidly advancing technologies, changing society and labour market require different skills and competence today than ten years ago, and it is therefore essential that students prepare for lifelong learning and develop competencies for the 21st century.”

Jadranka Plut stands on stage with a microphone in her hand and gives her opening speech.

The main purpose of the project is to introduce Norwegian outdoor learning concepts in pilot schools in Kranj, namely the Elementary School France Prešeren Kranj and the France Prešeren Gymnasium, which have also acquired their first outdoor classrooms through the project. To share knowledge and promote innovative approaches in education, the project carried out several activities, which were presented at the final conference.

A man stands on stage, holding a microphone and giving a lecture. The participants in the background, seated on chairs, are watching what is happening on stage.

The event was continued with a lecture of dr. Øystein Winje, a renowned Norwegian expert in outdoor learning. He impressed the participants with his experience and research in the field of outdoor learning.

Participants of a round table sit on chairs and talk.

A panel with representatives of the project partners offered insights into the key findings of the project, highlighting their experiences, challenges, and achievements. The last part of the conference focused on specific examples of outdoor learning in pilot schools.

Conference speakers pose together for a photographer.

The SCHOOL21 project involves the project promoter, the France Prešeren Gymnasium, and project partners, the Elementary School France Prešeren Kranj, SOCIALNA AKADEMIJA – Institute for Education, Research and Culture, BSC, Business Support Centre, Ltd, and the Norwegian project partner, Møre and Romsdal County Council.


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