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Annual Communication Workshop 2023

13 June 2023 – The Financial Mechanism Office organized a two-day communication workshop for the National focal points of beneficiary countries. Fund Operators of the Active citizens funds and the two regional funds, and embassy representatives also participated in the event.

The workshop was highlighted by Philip Weiss, a TEDx speaker and founder of the ZN agency, who delivered a lecture to the participants on the power of artificial intelligence as a communication tool. In his presentation, he shed light on how artificial intelligence can change the way we communicate, opening up new possibilities and enhancing our achievements in communication efforts.

The Financial Mechanisms Office introduced the long-awaited #OurStories campaign, which will kick off in September. The campaign aims to captivate the audience with compelling narratives and demonstrate the significant impact of the EEA and Norway Grants. For the campaign, interviews were conducted with 70 individuals and visits were made to 16 countries. The campaign and the grants will also be presented at an exhibition in the European Parliament in September.

During the workshop, participants shared some of the best practices in communication. They presented inspiring examples of storytelling about the impact of the EEA and Norway Grants. The Regional funds presented the idea of an online magazine that combines the Fund for Regional Cooperation and the Fund for Youth Employment, showcasing a range of projects implemented within these funds. The Fund Oprators of the Active Citizens Fund from Slovakia and Greece showcased the process of creating video spots for projects implemented by non-governmental organizations. The Greek National Contact Point presented the Water Matters campaign, while the Polish National Contact Point showcased their approach to storytelling through online articles featuring people involved in the projects.

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