Norwegian FM Programme

Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009–2014

In the framework of both financial mechanisms Slovenia is in the period 2009–2014 eligible to a total of 26.9 million Euros, namely 12.5 million Euros from the EEA Financial Mechanism and 14.4 million Euros from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

The Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2009–2014 for Slovenia includes two programme areas:

  • “Public Health Initiatives” and
  • “Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance”.

The objectives of the programme for both programme areas are:

  • improved public health,
  • reduced health inequalities,
  • gender equality,
  • work-life balance promoted.

The Programme will contribute to the achievement of objectives with development and testing of new innovative approaches/models/interventions that build on local partnerships between non-governmental organizations, public institutions and local communities. At the national level the programme will also focus on capacity building and training of public professionals in collaboration with the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health from Oslo (NIPH).

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