NGO Programme

Fund for Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organisations

The objective of the NGO programme was to strengthen the development of civil society and increase its contribution to social justice and equality, democracy and sustainable development. The programme operator was selected in the framework of a public call for proposals, which was carried-out by the Financial Mechanism Office. They signed a contract on programme implementation and management of the NGO Fund with the Regional Environmental Centre (REC Slovenia) and the Centre for Information Service, Co-operation and Development of NGOs (CNVOS). The programme strived to strengthen the development of civil society. The overall programme value was 1,875,000 Euros; the fund for NGO projects in Slovenia received 1,593,750 Euros.

The Programme aimed at: Supporting deficit areas (areas and activities that are underfunded in comparison to other fields of activity); Supporting organizational development of NGOs and ideas with the long-term perspective and Addressing current concrete problems in the society (e.g. youth unemployment, decrease in participatory democracy, migrant workers, increasing poverty, etc.).

Priority areas and division of resources:

  • Democracy (191.250 EUR available under this public call) was tackling issues such as good governance and transparency, participatory democracy, anti-corruption, rule of law, etc.
  • Human rights (191.250 EUR available under this public call), was addressing especially the rights of minorities and marginalized groups, such as homosexuals, Roma, etc., rights of migrants, antidiscrimination, gender equality, etc.
  • Social equality (255.000 EUR available under this public call) was addressing poverty, social inclusion and activation of marginalized groups (activities that support beneficiaries in finding new sources of living, building their skills, etc.).
  • Children and youth (255.000 EUR available under this public call) was tackling issues, such as youth unemployment, informal education, prevention of youth crime with the aim to support the children and youth in realizing their potential.
  • Protection of environment (255.000 EUR available under this public call). Issues addressed: biodiversity, climate change, renewable sources of energy and efficient use of energy, sustainable mobility, local food production, etc.

Provision of welfare and social rights (127.500 EUR available under this public call): social innovations (development of new services, broadening of the existing services to new beneficiaries).
Besides supporting the non-governmental sector in Slovenia, the programme also aimed at strengthening contacts and establishing partnerships between the Slovenian NGOs and the Donor State NGOs. For this purpose a special fund worth 16,235 Euros was established. The fund enabled partial financing of bilateral activities within partnership projects.

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