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Project title:

Development of services for persons with dementia and their relatives and establishment of a Center for dementia

Project acronym:

Living with Dementia

Project Promoter:

Institute for Research, Education and Sustainable Development Celje

Project Partners:

Partner 1: University Medical Centre Ljubljana

Partner 2: Association for help with dementia – Spominčica Šentjur

Partner 3: Social Work Centre Celje

Partner 4: Elderly Home Savinja Celje

Partner 5: Stavanger University Hospital, Norveška

Project duration:

24.02.2015 - 31.12.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

215,784.69 EUR

Project grant:

194.206,22 EUR

Programme Area:

Public health initiatives

General objective of the project:

Improved mental health services

Project summary:

In Slovenia we have no independent or adequately captured data on patients suffering from dementia, and research on dementia has thus far been scarce. The main reason for creating new and revised programmes for people with dementia, their relatives and professional staff is to complement existing health and social support and to develop additional services for people with dementia and their relatives. The project aims to reduce disparities in health among groups of users and testing multidisciplinary treatment of persons with dementia. The treatment will be carried out by a team of people who will work within a Centre for Dementia in Slovenia, providing content that will satisfy the needs of individuals. This Centre for Dementia will be established within the project, and will be the first in Slovenia. The centre combines all the best practices of similar centres abroad and will be modelled on 'Memory centres'. As a result of the project, persons with dementia and their relatives will have access to information, counselling, education, training and other activities in one place. Through collaborating with project partners from Slovenia, Stavanger University Hospital will exchange information on the management of dementia and present examples of good practices from Norway.

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