Project title:

The Mosaic of Prevention in Posavje Region

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Youth center Krško

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Centre for Social Work Krško

Partner 2: Family Institute Zaupanje

Partner 3: Srečanje Society

Partner 4: Health Care Center Krško

Project duration:

03.02.2015 - 30.06.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

248,326.40 EUR

Project grant:

235,910.08 EUR

Programme Area:

Public health initiatives

General objective of the project:

Life-style related diseases prevented or reduced

Project summary:

The overall objective of the project “The Mosaic of Prevention in Posavje region” is the reduction or prevention of lifestyle related diseases. The project deals with the consequences of risky and harmful use of alcohol, which stands above the national average in the Posavje region. The project will respond to the needs of various target groups, namely: children, adolescents and their parents. It will establish a comprehensive regional prevention programme with the aim of raising awareness and competence levels to cope with the existential and relational challenges of users. The project also targets experts of the Posavje region through the creation of a network with the aim of efficiently coping with the problems in the region and provide professional education within the network. Young people who have already developed risk behaviours are targeted by the pilot implementation of street work, including information, help with self-assessment, and integration of young people in the outskirts. Finally, involuntary user are targeted by the establishment of a model of effective counselling and providing training for experts working with this target group.

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