Project title:

Obtaining political equality by new names

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Peace Institute, Institute for contemporary social and political studies

Project Partners:

Partner 1: University of Ljubljana

Partner 2: Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia

Partner 3: Women's Lobby of Slovenia

Partner 4: Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities

Partner 5: Meta’s List

Project duration:

03.02.2015 - 30.04.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

275,950.00 EUR

Project grant:

248,355.00 EUR

Programme Area:

Gender equality, Political decision-making

General objective of the project:

Awareness raised and research on gender issues promoted

Project summary:

In spite of the general support for equal political participation, women in Slovenia still face structural and personal obstacles that need to be overcome. Based on research among target groups - women politicians, potential candidates, and “gate keepers”, the project OPENN identifies obstacles for women entering politics at the local and national level and creates mechanisms of support, new legislation proposals and awareness raising among women and men, experts, gate keepers and the general public. Through public events, trainings, and large publicity in classical and new media, better understanding of the benefits of women’s share in politics will be facilitated. A network of women local politicians, mentorship model and platform of support will be formed on the basis of partnership exchange with the Norwegian Association for Local and Regional Authorities, who will also assist with the model of local services. A database of 100 women candidates for functions, interactive info map of women representatives, video clip against stereotypes and female opinion leaders’ interventions will support the readiness for recruitment of women into politics.

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