Project title:

Network for Equal Opportunities - MEMA

Project acronym:

Network MEMA

Project Promoter:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Chamber Ljubljana

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Athene Prosjektledelse (BOOST Global Innovation AS)


Partner 3: Economic Institute Maribor

Partner 4: KonektOn, Business Service Centre, Ltd.

Partner 5: National Employment Office

Project duration:

12.02.2015 - 30.09.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

249,808.52 EUR

Project grant:

237,318.09 EUR

Programme Area:

Gender Equality, Economic decision-making

General objective of the project:

Awareness raised and research on gender issues promoted

Project summary:

The project, 'Network MEMA', supports and promotes the participation of women in (local) economic development within Slovenian regions by establishing regional councils of women as part of regional development bodies. To enable cooperation, e-learning and networking, the multimedia portal is established. An assessment of the position of women and their economic potential will be delivered through research and analysis. The results will represent the basis for the creation of specific actions in regions and on national level. These will be presented in a publication and in a separate guide to disseminate broadly the results and to suggest measures. The exchange of good practices from Norway will contribute to the development of women's entrepreneurship and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Slovenia, especially experience with a model for a start-up supporting center for women. The international expertise of the Norwegian partner contribute to the elaboration of the model for such a supporting center, which will be executed in next phases of the project. The partner's international experience is also very valuable. All project partners contribute their knowledge and experiences in a spirit of cooperation. The partnerships will establish new opportunities for exchange and cooperation, especially dedicated to women in innovation and intercultural exchange. The Network Mema is a cross-sectional project aiming not only at empowering female economic potential, but also at more involvement by women in decision-making processes and the development of strategies and adequate support measures. Using the digital technology as a tool for more (inter)national cooperation in the sector and wider dissemination of knowledge and experience, we expect more international partnership and exchanges to result from the project activities.

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