Project title:

Gender equality in the distribution of economic power: Understanding and overcoming obstacles to gender equality in economic decision- making

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

University of Ljubljana

Project Partners:

Partner 1: BI Norwegian Business School

Partner 2: Managers' Association of Slovenia

Partner 3: Slovenian Human Resource Association

Project duration:

11.02.2015 - 31.10.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

262,318.80 EUR

Project grant:

249,202.86 EUR

Programme Area:

Gender Equality, Economic decision-making

General objective of the project:

Awareness raised and research on gender issues promoted

Project summary:

Economic decision-making positions in Slovenia are mostly held by men in spite of the comparable qualifications and economic activity among women. In addition to the overall objective of raising awareness about gender equality and incentives for research in economic decision-making, the specific objective of the project is to enhance gender equality in economic life. We will analyze the Norwegian internationally-recognized experience with gender quotas in business, organizational and individual practices and its applicability in Slovenia. Partnerships that combine academic and business knowledge will contribute to the development of appropriate policies, organizational practices, and motivation of young women and enhanced awareness of the general public. We will advise politicians on how to develop policies in the field of gender equality in economic decision-making, create training programmes for top and personnel managers, career guidance for female students and a website on gender equality in economic decision-making. BI Norwegian Business School will have an important role in developing the project and achieving the key project outputs.

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