Project title:

Establishment of mental health prevention programs

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Development Agency for Upper Gorenjska

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Way of light association for extension of consciousness

Partner 2: Psychiatric Hospital of Begunje

Partner 3: Faculty of Health Care Jesenice

Partner 4: Community of Centres for Social Work Slovenia

Project duration:

20.03.2015 - 30.04.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

339,740.00 EUR

Project grant:

322,753.00 EUR

Programme Area:

Public health initiatives

General objective of the project:

Capacity of primary health care and other professionals in mental health improved

Project summary:

Slovenian public institutions still do not enable participation in various forms of preventive psychotherapeutic treatment. An individual has the possibility to be a self-funding patient, but those most in need of help usually do not have the financial means. The main objectives of the project are improvement of quality and accessibility of services in the field of mental health, better qualifications of professionals and greater awareness about the importance of good mental health. The project will focus on prevention programmes. A network of free of charge counselling centres in the area of Upper Carniola (at least 3) will be established, analysis of the current situation in the field of mental health for this area will be prepared and programmes for strengthening mental health (at least 2) will be developed. The project will be properly promoted (brochure and video-ad). We will also prepare and establish trainings for professionals (including at least 120). The project will benefit persons in need of psychological and social help on the one hand and professionals in contact with vulnerable groups on the other.

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