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Project title:

Active, Healthy and Happy - Project for integration of disabled people into sport and sport organizations, with the aim to reduce inequalities between user groups

Project acronym:

Active, Healthy and Happy

Project Promoter:

Sports Federation for the Disabled of Slovenia - Paralympic Committee of Slovenia

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Valnesfjord Health Sport Center

Partner 2: University Rehabilitation Institute Soča

Partner 3: Sport Institute Planica of the Republic of Slovenia

Partner 4: Education, work and care center Dolfke Boštjančič, Draga

Partner 5: Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents Kamnik

Project duration:

01.03.2015 - 30.06.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

197,078.00 EUR

Project grant:

177,370.20 EUR

Programme Area:

Public health initiatives

General objective of the project:

Reduced inequalities between user groups

Project summary:

he ‘Active and Healthy and Happy’ project aims to minimize the inequality between disabled and non-disabled people. Disabled persons of various ages do not engage enough in physical activities and are therefore more susceptible to diseases. Physical activity is one of the main factors contributing to a healthy life and the disabled should be offered equal opportunities for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately the fact remains that even disabled children and youth are unable to equally participate in national sports programmes and activities, as those are not made fit to their needs. The disabled are therefore at a disadvantage and left-out from the very early ages and those negative patterns and physical inactivity continue in other periods of their lives. Our project will develop new programmes for the disabled of all ages but with an emphasis on children and youth. It aims to qualify specialists to carry out disabled-specific programmes and at the same time develop activities for the integration of the disabled into regular sports programmes of different sporting and other organizations. Through the "Active, Healthy and Happy" project, we will adapt the national programs Little Sunshine, Golden Sunshine, Krpan, Healthy Lifestyle, Learn to Swim & school sport competitions for all groups with disabilities. The project’s partners will offer the possibility of inter-department cooperation, bringing together experts from various fields to develop adequate programmes. Norwegian partners will play a special role since Norway is far ahead of Slovenia regarding sports activities programmes for the disabled and their integration into sports.

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