Project title:

Sustainable Pohorje management

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Slovenia Forest Service

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation

Partner 2: RDA Koroška ltd., Regional Development Agency for Koroška

Partner 3: Municipality of Zreče

Partner 4: Municipality of Ribnica na Pohorju

Project duration:

03.02.2015 - 30.04.2016

Total eligible costs of the project:

606,707.71 EUR

Project grant:

576,372.32 EUR

Programme Area:

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

General objective of the project:

Increased capacity to manage and monitor Natura 2000 sites effectively

Project summary:

The Pohorje Mountains are part of the Natura 2000 ecological network due to their natural features. However, nature in Pohorje is in poor state due to a number of factors, especially due to the development of tourism and recreation. Several bird species, some amphibians and butterflies are decreasing in number. The objective of the SUPORT project is to provide solutions for sustainable development of the Pohorje area which will enable improvement of the state of sites of high nature conservation value and at the same time the existence of leisure activities in nature. The project will ensure adequate management of 4 habitat types and adequate habitats for 5 animal species by implementing protective measures in the field. We will obtain data on 5 species whose conservation status is unknown and increase the number of stakeholders accepting the implementation of the Natura 2000 Management Programme. Guidelines will be included in sectoral plans and two models of sustainable management will be developed, both in cooperation with stakeholders (local communities, organisations, associations, individuals and others) and Donor States.

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