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Project title:

Idrija Mercury Mine – 1st Phase of Reconstruction

Project acronym:


Project Promoter:

Idrija Mercury Heritage Management Centre

Project Partners:

Partner 1: Idrija Municipal Museum - Museum for the Idrija and Cerkno regions

Partner 2: Magma Geopark, Norway

Project duration:

30.12.2014 - 31.01.2017

Total eligible costs of the project:

2,332,810.14 EUR

Project grant:

2,000,000.00 EUR

Programme Area:

Cultural Heritage

General objective of the project:

Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected

Project summary:

Idrija has managed to preserve the diverse and unique industrial and technical heritage of its 500-year-old mining history that tells the story of mercury, which was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2012. One of the crucial parts of the mine that has not yet been renovated is the smelting plant, which is in danger of losing its protected properties due to its deteriorating state. The goal of the project is to preserve the endangered cultural monument and enrich it with new content, enhance its modernity and attractiveness, revive its heritage with educational content, increase awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage, and enhance tourism opportunities in the area. The activities aimed at different target groups in order to inform the public about the processes involved in mercury ore production and the ecological problems of mercury mining. The re-classified smelting plant area facilities to a museum and a new Visitors’ Centre will benefit tourists, locals, young people, scientists, workers in tourism, local businesses. Restored and renovated smelting plant facilities will be made accessible to the people with disabilities.

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