Suppressing goldenrod by using goats

A new method of supressing invasive non-native goldenrod by using goats is being tested in the area of the Ljubljana Marsh, namely in the framework of the project “People for Marsh – Biodiversity Conservation at the Ljubljana Marsh” which is co-financed under the EEA Financial Mechanism Programme.
In the area of the Ljubljana Marsh rapid expansion of areas with the invasive non-native plant species Goldenrod (Solidago sp.) has been observed over the past 10 years. This occurs particularly on abandoned meadows and fields, and also grows quickly in areas not yet covered with vegetation (e.g. with soil heaped surface). Goldenrod poses a threat to extensive grasslands in the Ljubljana Marsh, which is an important habitat for many organisms.
For the purpose of reducing areas with goldenrod and thus limiting its spread, project partners in April 2015 began grazing goats in certain areas heavily infested with goldenrod. In addition to cutting and mulching, this is also one of the methods of how to restrict these plants. First results of the method will be observed within a year. Project partners estimate that the prospects are good with the procedures being nature-friendly.
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